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DIY red, white and blue patriotic tote bag

Red, white and patriotic hues! Whether you are celebrating America's birthday at a BBQ or heading to the beach, you'll want this easy and adorable DIY star tote bag for a festive accessory. It's SUPER simple to make and only requires a few materials.



- Tote bag

- Foam star stickers

- Red (or blue!) fabric spray paint (found at Michaels here!)


  1. Peal the star stickers and adhere to the tote bag, scattering around until they are placed to your liking. Repeat on the second side.

  2. Shake your red fabric spray paint and spray several inches from your tote bag. Cover until the white portion of your tote bag is covered. Repeat on the other side. Let dry for 30mins to an hour.

  3. Remove the foam stars and fill with all your favorite beach or BBQ essentials!


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