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DIY Valentine's Day Chocolate Boxes

Love is in the air! When I was younger I remember my Nana giving me a beautiful heart sequin box which not only was my favorite color (pink!) but perfect for chocolates or little treasures. For a beautiful craft this Valentine's Day, I was inspired to create my own heart box for homemade chocolate wine truffles - which are perfect for your valentine, friends, and loved ones!



- Red craft paint

- Hot glue gun

- Sponge paint brushes.


  1. Paint your heart boxes in 2 to 3 coats of craft paint (any Valentine inspired color of your choice!)

  2. Following the heart pattern of the box cover, start on the outside edge and outline with hot glue then adhering the sequin trim little by little. Repeat in the heart motion until the entire top is covered in the sequin trim.

  3. Once all your heart boxes have a sequin cover, fill the boxes with crinkle paper followed by homemade truffles or chocolates.


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