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Elegant Thanksgiving apple cider bar

With Thanksgiving looking very different this year, I wanted to think of a way to make our smaller holiday still feel special. One idea is putting together an elegant Thanksgiving apple cider bar with all the fixings to make customized cocktails! I mean, who doesn't love spiked apple cider?!

Display on a large tray

Using a larger tray can really help 'set the scene' while giving your display an elegant bar feeling. It's also perfect to keep everything in one place, especially incorporating greenery and pumpkins of a variety of mediums.

You'll first want to position your greenery, such as eucalyptus, along the back and sides of the tray. Next, position your pumpkins in the right corner around the greenery and alternating glass versus real pumpkins for a unique effect. As a finishing touch for the decor you can weave in battery operated fairy lights to add an additional sparkle.

Offer all the fixings

The best part about a cider bar is all the spices, herbs and alcohol options you can feature. I placed these ingredients on a small cheese board to keep everything organized and selected:

- Sage

- Cinnamon sticks

- Cloves

- Anise

- Rosemary

- Orange peels

- Sugar cubes

- Apple cider

- Vodka

- Rum

- Bourbon

As an additional detail, rim the glassed by coating it with a lemon wedge and placing in cinnamon sugar to create a beautiful yet sweet touch.


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