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How to host an at home pumpkin carving gathering

Even though this year is very different, there are still ways to celebrate your favorite holidays...such as Halloween! One of the best parts of Halloween is gathering with friends or family to carve spooktacular pumpkins for the frightful nights ahead, and while gatherings are smaller and socially-distant, setting up a table outdoors with delicious treats and pumpkins galore will make the evening truly special. It's also a LOT easier on clean up as carving can definitely get messy.

Transforming your space

We used our backyard patio which is the perfect space for socially-distant gatherings! Using an outdoor area and adding Halloween elements can really help transform your space, such as:

  • Hay bales

  • Skeleton

  • Pumpkins

  • Wheat grass (great as a centerpiece!)

  • Festive tablecloth

  • Haunted House

  • Crows

Stacking hay bales adds a beautiful platform to place other items on for really memorable decor, it can also be a great place to setup extra food. When setting the table, using a Halloween tablecloth makes it extra festive then we placed wheat grass down the center of the table for a fall element.

So our guests had a spot, we also set pumpkins at each end of the table along with caving tools. For the 'pumpkin guts' you can also use a plastic cauldron to save the seeds to bake later, add spices and enjoy.

Serve delicious, sweet snacks

Offering family and guests sweet treats is the true Halloween delight! Displaying themed candy, cookies and popcorn on a large serving tray with utensils will give guests the chance to select their food they are craving. To add dimension and height, use ceramic cauldrons for select candy which will help set the other food apart. As for finishing details, place plastic spider rings and skeleton hands around the board for an extra 'wow' factor!

For our board we used the below candies, but you can definitely make it customizable to your theme (or your favorite treats)!

  • Candy corn

  • Popcorn with caramel drizzle

  • Pumpkin shaped sugar cookies

  • Yogurt covered pretzels

  • Sour pumpkins candy

  • Halloween jelly beans

  • Gummies

The most important part is having fun putting it together! It should really include delicious snacks but doesn't require the stress to build.


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