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How to make enagement photos uniquly your own

Engagement photos not only are a beautiful keepsake, but capture the love you have for your significant other. With wedding planning in full swing, I've found that certain aspects of my wedding I have embraced traditionally while others I have approached them with the focus of what makes myself and George happy. That's the true beauty of a wedding, there's no 'right' way or 'wrong' way to do something, and the best advice I can give is throw the perceptions of how something should be out the window and focus on how you envision your special day coming to life.

One of the elements I knew I didn't want was traditional engagement photos, and I'm blessed to have grown up with a dad who was a professional photographer. We worked together to capture the overall artful aesthetic and teased our wedding vibe.

Think outside the box with props

For some reason, I have always wanted to capture a romantic table setup and because we aren't having a traditional sit-down dinner (therefore no sweetheart table!) we decided to create our own version for our engagement photos. We incorporated a beautiful table setting, greenery, flowers, and candles for an enchanted feel.

There's so many different ways you can bring your photographs to life, so think about how you and your significant other met, what your favorite activities to do together are and what is meaningful to really ensure they capture the essence of your relationship.

Don't strike a pose, pretend your photographer isn't there

After taking photos for so many years, it's important to not force a photo or pose but rather ease into it and almost pretend like the photographer isn't there. My dad had George and I interact with each other like we normally do (with lots of laughter!) to make it more relaxed, candid and for us to feel at ease. Before your engagement session, take a breather and listen to your photographer as they guide you through backdrops and easy 'poses.' While you may have a few placements of where to stand or how to sit, try to flow into it with gentle movements and don't forget to cozy up to one another, after all these photos will capture your love for each other!

Dress to the nines

Of course, find ways to enhance your style! I found a beautiful Adrianna Papell gown in burgundy, which is one of my main wedding colors, and love the beaded details woven throughout the dress design. To further infuse our wedding color palette, George wore a pink shirt and his favorite suite. It's important to have fun with what you are wearing but also make it elegant. Picking simple yet stunning accessories like sparkly shoes or stud earrings is another way to elevate your details.

Location, location, location!

It's very important to work with your photographer to find a location that emulates your vision. If you're looking for a casual setting, sometimes a field or beautiful urban street creates a relaxed vibe or if you want a sophisticated setting, old estates or a stone library can make for a stunning backdrop.


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