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How to make natural lavender and lemon room spray for spring

I wanted to try something a little bit different than what I usually share and thought a natural spray would be a simple DIY to try! Adding a touch of spring to any room, the combination of lavender and lemon is a refreshing, floral filled aroma that can subtly heighten the air in a room. With so many products filled with harsh chemicals, making your own home remedy with natural basic ingredients and common household supplies is not only cost effective, but helps with cleaner air.



Spray bottles (I used these from Amazon)

Dried lavender (see here)

Distilled water

Unscented witch hazel

Lemon Essential Oil (try this)

Lavender Essential Oil (and this!)


1. Add 30-35 drops of lavender essential oil to the spray bottle. Repeat with lemon essential oil.

2. Pour witch hazel until it fills half the spray bottle. Next, pour distilled water to fill the bottle.

3. Break off sprigs of dried lavender and insert into the spray bottle. Note, the lavender will likely not keep its color and may tint the spray.


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