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Make your own tassel earrings in five easy steps

Making your own earrings can be really simple! I often find myself having a hard time figuring out what accessories to wear, and tend to gravitate toward statement earrings because they can really dress up an outfit. Next time you're looking for the perfect piece, try creating your own earrings with these easy steps. All materials can be found on Amazon or your local craft store.



Tassels (I purchased these from Amazon)

2 eye pins

2 fishhook earring backs

2 larger circle beads

2 smaller glass beads

Needle nose pliers


1. Using your needle nose pliers, loop the eye pin to your tassel.

2. Thread the smaller of the glass beads onto the eye pin.

3. Next, thread the larger circle bead on top of the smaller glass bead.

4. Cut the eye pin if the length is still too long, but leave enough to create a loop.

5. Bend the wire through the fishhook earring back, creating a loop and using your needle nose pliers to secure.


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