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Pot O' Gold St. Patrick's Day gift basket

I oftentimes find stores carry VERY cheesy St. Patrick's Day items, which can be frustrating because it's definitely not my preference or taste. While the holiday isn't widely celebrated, my family and I have made a wonderful tradition to have a festive dinner with a traditional Irish meal, yummy drinks and even better company, which is why I wanted to make a little gift basket for my parents to say thank you for all the hard work and fun the put into the day.

Of course I wanted to curate items that could be enjoyed during the day but were also sophisticated and elegant. I started off with this adorable gold bowl from Target as my "pot o' gold" inspiration, paired with green crinkle paper for padding and elevating the items.

With any gift basket, you can't go wrong with key go-to items like adorable cocktail napkins, candles and paper plates. I always love Caspari because of their quality yet stunning patterns, so selected these whimsical beer napkins, green plates and green candles to complement the color scheme. As another iconic symbol, I found a small shamrock plant at Wegmans for some extra luck and then added a delicious Irish drink, Bailey's, to round out the pot o' gold.

The beauty of creating your own basket is that you can really customize it to and carefully select little gifts that your recipient will love. You certainly don't have to stick to the same things I included, feel free to mix it up with whiskey, or make a baking themed basket with shamrock cookie cutters, cute sprinkles and cupcake liners.

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