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St. Patrick's Day pajama breakfast with shamrock pancakes

One of my all time favorite holidays is St. Patrick's Day! Growing up my parents always made it so special, especially with our green bagels, leprahaun traps and a traditoinal Irish meal of corned beef and cabbage! Since we are home more these days, I thought it would be special to create something extra whimsical for St. Patrick's Day...a shamrock themed breakfast! So cue the green pancakes and luck of the Irish pajamas because it's so fun to set up at home!

St. Patrick's Day pajamas

First and foremost, make sure you wear St. Patrick's Day themed pajamas so it's extra festive! I was so surprised to find shamrock pajamas at Target, I couldn't pass them up. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are perfect for lounging in while enjoying a themed breakfast. Other stores to check out online are Ann Taylor Loft and Old Navy.

Dress up your kitchen or living room

Tulle is one of my favoriate materials to use when you want to transform a space while on a budget! With the morning being very light and airy, the translucentness of the tulle makes it even more whimsical in nature, and can be draped on a fireplace mantel, across a table or woven throughout a balloon garland. I purchased a total of 6-yards of tulle in two different shades of green from JOANN Fabrics, which was just enough to incorproate into the space. Another idea is purchinging different colors to make a rainbow and hang it on a wall!

For other decorative elements, we used beaded shamrock placemats for the table we found at The Christmas Tree Shop and also hung gold crepe paper and a green crepe paper shamrock on the mantel for a simple yet festive backdrop.

Make a rainbow themed breakfast

A fruit rainbow is such a great breakfast staple! We used raspberries, clementines, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries and blackberries to form a rainbow on a marble board. To make the clouds, add silver and gold sprinkles at each end.

For anothr breakfaste element, we used a Wilton squeeze bottle filled with green pancake batter (food coloring does the trick!) to piple shamrocks on top of the griddle. Top with green shamrock sprinkles before serving! Other breakfast options include green bagles (most local bagel shops will sell them for St. Patrick's Day), or green waffles.


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