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Step-by-step homemade lemon napkin rings

When life gives you lemons...make lemon napkin rings! Just because we're all doing our part by staying inside doesn't mean we can't make entertaining those we live with extra special. With the seasons slowly starting to transition, I thought the pop of color would add a touch of spring to this vibrant tray. Whether you're watching a movie or hanging out together, set up plates, napkins, flowers and the essentials on a wicker serving tray, giving an easy but pretty place to snack away.

Making the napkin rings are really easy and we actually repurposed the lemons from a craft we did a few years ago, so already had the supplies at home. Michaels is also offering curbside service if you order online and pick up in store, so you can still get your crafting materials with the safety of not entering the store.



Craft leaves

Raffia ribbon

Hot glue gun


1. Cut about a foot of the raffia ribbon, then take one wood cabone ring and add a dot of hot glue to the surface. Place the raffia ribbon on it and start wrapping around the ring overlapping each layer, adding glue periodically to ensure the ribbon sticks. Repeat until all the rings are covered in the raffia ribbon.

2. Next, take the mini craft lemon and secure to the rings with hot glue. The fun part is you can position them on the top or side, creating a different look for each!

3. As a finishing touch secure the leaves underneath the lemon for a final detail.


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