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Summertime garden tea party with Fitz and Floyd

Growing up, we always loved enjoying our backyard for summer gatherings especially themed ones! Not only is our garden a beautiful backdrop, but it's perfect for entertaining - especially movie nights or even tea time. As we approach the middle of the summer and with our hydrangeas in full bloom, I thought a summertime tea and iced tea tablescape would be the perfect way to soak up all that summer has to offer.

Fitz and Floyd

I've loved Fitz and Floyd's products for years, especially their Trestle Goblets, so I was beyond excited when they reached out for a partnership.

Fitz and Floyd has been synonymous with excellence in design and quality - giving entertainers everything they need from ceramic giftware, dinnerware, tableware, and more. Their meticulous craftsmanship and exquisite detail really make their products shine.

Setting the table

Before creating the table design, I started with the stunning Bloom Dinnerware Set from Fitz and Floyd. The vibrant burst of blue with contrasting neutrals really brought to life the floral pattern that dances around each piece in deep shades of blue.

Using the dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and mugs as my muse, I thought a blue and white hued tea time table would really bring out the gorgeous floral pattern while complemented by ginger jars and blue and white hydrangeas as a centerpiece. It's really the little details within the patterns that make this table shine!

What to serve at your tea party

Since I also wanted to serve an iced tea with fresh lemon and the option to include blueberries and mint, I also included the vintage yet modern Trestle Goblets in Indigo to not only round out the table setting but also add a touch of whimsy to the table.

There's so many classic tea party treats, and the key is to include small bites and sweets (because who doesn't love dessert with tea?!). Some tasty ideas include:

- Pound cake with blueberries compote

- Mini cookie cheesecake

- Blueberry tart

To really elevate the tea experience, I also set out little dishes with crystalized sugar sticks, which are prefect for sweetening both iced tea and hot tea, along with sugar cubes, mint, and lemons. Giving your guests variety really makes them feel special and gives them the chance to sip on a spot of tea their favorite way!

Discount code

If you're inspired by this gorgeous table from Fitz and Floyd, I'm excited to share a discount code you can use - ARTFULLY_ALISSA which will take 20% off the Bloom collection (valid through July 29, 2022).

Hydrangea tip!

With the heat of the summer, sometimes hydrangeas can wilt faster than expected. To keep them full and bouncy, freshly cut the wilted flower stems and place them in hot water. Give them a few hours to perk up again.


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