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Christmas chandelier

My mom and I love crafts, so we decided to add some shiny decor to our dinning room for Christmas. Funny enough, as we were Christmas shopping a few weeks later, Macy's had the same hanging Christmas ornaments for their holiday decor. We also made confetti ornaments for a little extra sparkle. Really simple, festive, and easy to make!



1 package of clear glass ornaments

1 bag of god and silver confetti


Gold and silver ornaments, various sizes

3 spools of gold ribbon

2 zip ties


Take the empty glass ornaments, remove the top, and place the funnel inside to fill with the confetti. The confetti should fill the ornament about half way. Once confetti is inserted, secure the top on the ornament. Repeat for remaining clear glass ornaments.

Next, start cutting various lengths of ribbon and tying them to your handmade, gold and silver ornaments. Once the ribbon is attached to each ornament, set aside.

Take a zip tie and attach around the base of the chandelier, while the second loops under to hang the ribbons from. Begin attaching the ribbon to the zip tie, changing lengths and adjusting so the ornaments form a hanging cluster. Add and remove ornaments as desired.

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