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Entertaining for New Year's Eve at Home

You can make any New Year's Eve celebration magical, even in the comfort of your home! All you need is delicious food, festive decorations and even better company.

For a low key and easy effort night, I transformed our little apartment with fringe doorway backdrops and tinsel garland draped over our sofa and ottoman to create a glittery setup. Paper party fans are also a great way to add a festive pop while filling in some of the empty spaces. Play around with the space you have, if your house has extra surfaces you can also drape fringe there as well for a casual yet elevated feel.

Using balloons also creates a dreamy effect! I found these great 2022 balloons on Amazon or you can visit your local party supply store to purchase the balloons and fill with an air pump. To create a glamorous touch, I cut a few strands from my fringe doorway and tied them to the balloons so they had a shimmery look to them.

Once your decor is set, giving your guests a delicious setup and of course bubbly is another important element to keep the party going. So there's less work for you, coordinate a appetizer and cocktail party later in the evening, which you can feature light bites and a snack board to enjoy.


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