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Setting a glitz and glam champagne tower for New Year's Eve

To me, New Year's Eve is all about's the one time a year that it feels appropriate to go over the top with the glitz, glam and shimmery decorations as we ring in the New Year. For George, he's always had large and festive celebrations while for me, I have such fond memories of getting Chinese food takeout with my parents and family friends then parading around the house thinking it was midnight (when really, the clocks were changed for our early childhood bedtimes).

With our experiences so fun yet different, I thought it would be special to make it feel glamours at home. I spent this week taking down my Christmas decorations to make the apartment feel clean for the New Year, but took out some items to transform our table in a condensed yet gorgeous way. So, I'm excited to share some tips with you for decorating for your celebrations, whether you're at home in pajamas or hosting a larger gathering.

Start with the basics

Truthfully, with all my photoshoots over the years, the majority of these decorations I've had for years. If you get anything from this blog post, my biggest piece of advice is save your party decor to repurpose for future gatherings. Of course, if things are falling apart or mangled, then don't, but items like tinsel banners, disco balls, streamer curtains, etc. are things you can tuck away in a storage box or party drawer to re-use. I started curating the following items to display on my table:

How to decorate the table

Start by laying the foundation with the streamer curtain and the fringe banner. The beautiful thing is, this doesn't need to be neat or perfect, instead having it a little messy while draped on the table makes it feel more whimsical.

Next, you'll want to position your biggest items - specifically the disco balls. I started by placing the largest one in the middle then cascading around it with the various sized disco balls. Now, for the focal point, the champagne tower went right in the middle of the table followed by gold plates, forks, then scattering smaller disco balls in and around the areas with gaps.

Add a fresh, floral touch

I always love incorporating florals into any decor, so when I found these yellow roses I loves how they emulated the gold hues of the table. So, I displayed them in white milk glass vases and two gold votives to give varying heights for the table. Placing these around the table adds a stunning yet fresh look.

Don't forget the festive attire

If you know me, I'm not someone that splurges every season on clothes for myself. BUT, for something festive like the holidays I found this gorgeous shimmery gold dress at Ann Taylor that I loved! It's a timeless piece with just enough glitter to complement each holiday. If you're hosting or even just looking for something cute to wear, don't be afraid to wear the sparkles!


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